Exfoliating Net sponge

Exfoliating Net sponge

Ivy Nat Scrub is Africa best kept beauty secret.
It will clean, exfoliate, get rid of dead skin cells and revel the softness of your skin.

  • Uses and specifications

    Used for centuries in Africa, this net sponge is used in the shower as the perfect tool to clean and exfoliate skin.

    This washing net is great for removal of dead skin cells and at enhancing proper circulation.


    * large size will scrub back.

    * long lasting
    * lathers easily
    * dries quickly, minimizing bacterial growth, common to traditional loofahs

    100% nylon mesh net
    Product of Ghana
    LENGTH: 90-100cm


    Can be used for up to 1 year without any damage.

    How to use:
    For first use: Soak 12-24 hours before use to eliminate harshness.