Natural African Black Soap 454g

  • Uses and specifications

    Our 100% Natural African black soap is produced via traditional methods and is also produced with natural ingredients. Our rich and moisturising african black soap contains Shea butter, Coconut oils and roasted cocoa pods and is a rich natural source of Iron and vitamins A and E. 

    Main Uses
    African Black Soap is said to cleanse and purify the skin and it is thought to be beneficial against premature facial lines and wrinkles. It contains Shea Butter that has been used for centuries in West Africa to help with skin issues such as blemishes and acne and roasted cocoa pods that act as a natural alternative to micro beads to soften and exfoliate the skin. Made by traditional methods, this luxury soap is rapidly gaining some much deserved popularity; it is perfect for bathing and can also be used as shampoo.



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