Natural Honeycomb Sea Sponge

Natural Honeycomb Sea Sponge


The ultimate personal luxury at bath time. 100% natural, eco friendly, organic, sustainable and biodegradable.

Absorbent, durable and soft in texture, our sea sponge performs an excellent job of exfoliating the skin in a gentle, caring and natural way for a truly pampering experience. 

Luxurious soft natural texture which revitalizes the skin, stimulates the circulation with superior cleansing properties.

Our honeycomb sponge turns a routine into a treat. Especially useful for removing dead cells, dirt and cosmetics from the skin, and for reducing cellulite conditions. Its hypoallergenic properties makes the Honeycomb sponge appropriate even for the most delicate body skin, babies and children.

SUITABLE FOR NEW-BORNS, CHILDREN AND ADULTS. Being the finest of all sponges, the honeycomb sponge feels luxurious on the skin. It will encourage children to enjoy bathing even more and lead younger ones to proactively learn to wash by themselves.

Effective for skin conditions such eczema and psoriasis. - No mould or mildew, thanks to natural enzymes and doesn't retain odours.

Natural sea sponges were once living organisms and so tend to vary in shape.