Rose Gua Sha Massager

Rose Gua Sha Massager


Rose quartz is soothing and promotes self love, reflection and acceptance.

Revive and enhane your skincare ritual with Ivy Nat Rose Gua Sha, ancient beauty therapy massage tool as a natural way to achieve skin health and a radiant, youthful complexion.

Utilising the traditional power of rose and discovering the benefits from ancient Chinese beauty methods, this innovative tool is designed to target tired and puffy skin through lymphatic drainage, which in turn improves blood circulation. Boasting a myriad of benefits, including collagen stimulation, improved skin elasticity, relaxed facial muscles and a detoxed complexion, it makes for a versatile must-have in your everyday routine.


    Set 1

    Use it on bare skin or with your favorite moisturizer at a 45 degree to flat angle to the skin. Glide slowly towards lymph nodes.

    Step 2

    Apply a light to medium pressure for drainage, deeper or deeper for relieving muscle tension. Repeat a few times for every area.